The KAITEKI Institute


My hopes for The KAITEKI Institute

Science and technology have radically changed our world and way of living. On the other side of the prosperity and convenience we enjoy today, thanks to the wisdom and hard work of those before us, we are facing serious problems that threaten the very continuation of civilization such as population explosion, climate change, environmental pollution, and food and water shortage. It is important for us to remember that science and technology are not just for satisfying the desires of the current generation, but for future generations to live in a happy, prosperous world as well. The concept of KAITEKI being advocated by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings should be shared by everybody on this planet. I have high hopes for The KAITEKI Institute to use the power of science to realize a sustainable, KAITEKI society in the future.

Ryoji Noyori
President of Riken
2012 October