Activity Report



One of the missions of The KAITEKI Institute (TKI) is to “communicate the message of KAITEKI to the world, and pursue the realization of KAITEKI for all the earth’s inhabitants.” In April 2011, we opened the KAITEKI CAFE™ as one of the bases from which to pursue this mission. The cafe was originally located on the ground floor of the MCHC Building in Shiba, Minatoku, but with the relocation of the MCHC group headquarters to the Palace Building in Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, the cafe also moved to the nearby Otemachi neighborhood and reopened at the new spot in September, 2012.

The current cafe occupies a space on the ground floor of the Otemachi Building, one of the most historical buildings in this area. It is a large and airy space, seating up to 119, and offers a valuable oasis of relaxation in this bustling business neighborhood. The classic-modern interior features midcentury design, and utilizes a range of MCHC group’s products, such as OLED lighting panel displays, LED lighting, thin-film solar panels, Cleansui water filteration system, artificial marble, and aluminum composite materials. In January 2013, “Plant Plant,” a plant factory made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, was installed at the cafe, and has proven to be very popular with customers. The innovative plant production system enables salad vegetables to be grown year-round without any pesticides. Currently, various kinds of baby leaf are harvested once every two weeks, and served in salads on the lunchtime menu.

KAITEKI CAFE™ offers free Wi-Fi, as well as free use of 4 tablet computers which are charged using solar batteries. There is a Cleansui water dispenser installed outside the cafe in the hallway of the building, so that anyone can fill their bottle with clean, filtered water. Cleansui filtered water is also used to prepare all of the dishes on the menu. Near the entrance of the cafe, menu samples are displayed in a case made of Mitsubishi Rayon’s clear acrylic resin coated with a layer of Mitsubishi Chemical’s anti-fog, so that it remains clear and offers a good view.

The cafe is also used as a ‘campus’ for the Morning University of Marunouchi, an innovative program that offers classes in a variety of subjects to office workers in the early morning hours before work. Recently, the cafe is also frequently coming to be used as a venue for wedding after-parties, and rented out for different kinds of events.

We hope that many people will continue to visit the cafe to enjoy the healthy menu that features lots of fresh vegetables, and to experience the world of ‘KAITEKI’ that MCHC group is promoting.

April 04, 2014