The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. is a global research institute focused on meeting 21st century challenges in energy, the environment, and healthcare.
"Kaiteki," which traditionally means "comfort" or "ease" in Japanese, was chosen for the Institute's name to represent the global quality of life that will be made possible through sustainable technologies and through breakthrough scientific advances in human healthcare.
The Institute will not only fund the highest quality of scientific and engineering research around the world—it will also identify and articulate future societal trends, needs, and challenges, which will be used to set subsequent research targets.
The KAITEKI Institute will propose solutions based on promising research results as new technology platforms within the research arms or businesses of Mitsubishi Chemical Group.
The Institute will help make society healthier, more comfortable, and more affluent by supporting long-term R&D and business strategy for Mitsubishi Chemical Group, while taking advantage of a global scientific and information network.

The KAITEKI Institute consists of two main divisions: the Future Design Division and the Administration and Planning Division.

1. Analyze information pertaining to the future, including a social science point of view. Based on the results, formulate a concept and road map for businesses (structures, systems) that will answer people’s needs in the future, and propose them to Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

2. Research the key technologies for those business structures and systems by partnering with researchers around the world, and assess the potential.

In addition to administration and logistics, the Division is in charge of promoting the institute's activities and message of KAITEKI within and outside Mitsubishi Chemical Group, with the aim of enhancing the Group's brand value. The Division also engages in activities to introduce new culture to MCG.