June 13, 2013 "Designing ‘earth food’ - looking at Asia’s staple food ‘rice’ with a future perspective" - Planetary Design Course in July

The KAITEKI Institute and the Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD)/Tohoku University of Art and Design are jointly conducting the July semester of the Planetary Design Course* at the university’s Tokyo Gaien Campus. Instructors for the July course are Professor Shinichi Takemura and the prominent graphic designer Taku Satoh.

Details of the course are as below (courses are conducted in Japanese only).

Planetary Design Course: "Designing ‘earth food’ - looking at Asia’s staple food ‘rice’ with a future perspective"
Course fee: 4,000 yen
Registration period: 2013/06/13(Thurs) 10:00 ~ 2013/07/09 (Tues) 16:00
Location: Kyoto University of Art and Design/Tohoku University of Art and Design Tokyo Gaien Campus

 ■ Course Schedule
2013/07/10 (Wed)
Potential of Rice seen from 21st Century Chemistry
[Instructor: Shinichi Takemura]
TKI will make a presentation on the theme of ‘rice and chemistry.’
Topics will include safety of food supply, the science of taste, history of modern agriculture, sustainable rice farming, and various uses for rice, for example, as a bio-fuel or other plant-based resource.
2013/07/24 (Wed)
The 10,000th year turning point for rice? Current state of rice-eating cultures and its new potential
[Instructor: Taku Satoh, Shinichi Takemura]
Guest talk: Taku Satoh
Introduction of the "Rice Exhibition" that will be held at the design museum "21_21DESIGN SIGHT" in Roppongi in February 2014.
Discussion on the cultural significance of rice and its various attributes.

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* The Planetary Design Course is a program that was founded by Professor Shinichi Takemura of KUAD in 2011 following the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, with the objective of creating a new global standard centered on natural symbiosis that he has named "Base of the Planet.." This is the fourth course that TKI is jointly conducting.