17.08.01 A para-athlete, Kaede MAEGAWA won the silver medal in women long jump in World Para Athletics Championships

Gold, Silver, and Bronze smiles!

 Kaede Maegawa (Team KAITEKI) recorded 3m 79cm in long jump (T42 class) and won her first silver medal on the final day of World Para Athletics Championships in London (from July 14th to 23rd, 2017).

 The KAITEKI Institute, Inc.(TKI) has concluded a 5-year sponsor contract in developing sports prosthesis with Ms. Maegawa since April 2016(news release). Ms. Maegawa sympathizes ‘KAITEKI’ concept* of MCHC Group and belongs to Team KAITEKI.

 She made her Paralympic debut in Rio de Janeiro 2016 with the results of 4th prize in long jump and 7th prize in 100m sprint. After the Paralympic, as a registered team of Team KAITEKI owned by TKI, aiming at further intensive training of long jump, Ms. Maegawa concluded the personal coaching contract with 2 main trainers, Toshio Imura and Kumiko Imura (a national record holder in healthy women long jump), managing Imura Athlete Academy. Ms. Maegawa has continued lots of efforts for improvement of her running style before jump, under the guidance by these trainers.

 Although Ms. Maegawa had to face the difficult situation that her trial missed 3 times due to the foul at the jump point in this game, she finally succeed to jump with 3m 79cm at her 6th, the final trial, which led her to the silver prize, in spite that all athletes were not able to build good record in sudden heavy rain.

 In addition, she remains as an Asian record holder in both long jump and 100m sprint though she was in the 5th place in the 100m sprint (T42 class) on July 16th.
 TKI is going to keep ongoing support for Ms. Maegawa and aims to develop sports prosthesis for top-tier athletes by 2020 as considering functional improvement of common-use prosthesis.

* KAITEKI means “a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the Earth, transcending time and generations.” It is an original concept of the MCHC Group that proposes a way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, in addition to serving as a guide for solving environmental and social issues.

Suddenly heavy rain comes onto the stadium!

Started with no fear for the unfavorable field condition


Kaede’s long jump!

Congratulations, Ms. Maegawa, the silver medalist in World Para Athletics Championships!