December 01, 2019 Celebrating the Launch of The Global KAITEKI Center in US

 A commemorative launch event was held in October 24th, 2019, for The Global KAITEKI Center (TGKC), a comprehensive organization for collaborative research between Arizona State University (ASU), USA, and The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. Facilitated by Dr George Stephanopoulos, the director of TGKC (former CTO of Mitsubishi Chemical), keynote addresses were delivered by Dr Michael Crow, the president of ASU, and Dr Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, the chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC), and the joint declaration was made by Dr Peter Schlosser, the vice president of ASU.

TGKC was established in April 2019, as the first oversea base to globally broadcast KAITEKI and to promote researches for KAITEKI realization, in which TKI shares a responsibility with ASU researchers in management of projects and completion of researches. We propose and initiate a project in view of social science as well, especially how we approach futuristic issues and their solutions to achieve KAITEKI.

Following are four projects which we have started since the beginning of this fiscal year:
○ Visualizing and quantifying social value in the future
○ KAITEKI innovation roadmap for circular economy
○ Food waste reduction and well-being for a sustainable future
○ Urban cooling
ASU gave a progress report to Dr. Kobayashi on the projects. Around the time of kick-off event, dynamic and thorough opinions were exchanged among the members of ASU and TKI who are responsible for each theme. Besides these projects, TGKC will move forward in an extensive way to find an answer to the agenda for future that will enhance the corporate value of the MCHC group.

Dr Kobayashi, the chairman of MCHC,
delivered a keynote address.

The address was followed by keen questions
from professors of ASU.

Dr Crow, the president of ASU, and Dr Stephanopoulos,
the director of TGKC