January 21, 2020 Ms. Kaede MAEGAWA to be a torchbearer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Ms. Kaede MAEGAWA of Team KAITEKI has been chosen to run the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic torch relay. She will pass along the Olympic frame as it travels across Tsu-city, Mie-prefecture, on April 8th, 2020. The expectation has been running high since it was reported that Ms. Maegawa would enter the women’s long jump (class: T63) in Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. (Ms. Kaede MAEGAWA qualified for Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, waits for an official decision)

Ms. Maegawa described her enthusiasm and excitement for the event: “It is a huge honor to be appointed to run the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic torch relay and to participate in such a fantastic event. I sincerely hope to be a part of this monumental occasion in passing on the sacred frame for the Games in my home country, Japan. I think that the Olympic frame means a great deal for so many people. As one of those who relay such a spirit, I will appreciate every step and am committed to make it a phenomenal run.”

*Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games is going to be held between August 25 and September 6, 2020.