July 1, 2021 Singed Partnership Agreements with Outstanding Para-athletes for Sports Prostheses
- A Project of Collaboration for People with Walking difficulties –

The KAITEKI Institute, Inc. has signed partnership agreements regarding further development of prostheses and technologies with Atsushi Yamamoto and Kaede Maegawa (both affiliated to Shin Nihon Jusetsu) who, fitted with sport prostheses, has exhibited superb performance in track and field. With the partnerships, we will explore advancement in prostheses and technologies which accommodate “feelings” of a user.
We desire our technologies and knowledge acquired through collaboration with the world-class Para-athletes will benefit people with walking difficulties from advanced tools and services provided. In a super-aging society, walking is an element of great value to maintain and improve quality of life. Through this project, we will contribute to a society which brings us healthy and vibrant lives.

Please see the news release the news release for more information.

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Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto and Ms. Kaede Maegawa